Can I Stop Panic Attacks Without Medication?

The answer to that is yes, you can stop panic attacks without medication. The majority of people who have never experienced an anxiety attack are simply not in the position to understand the fear that such an attack causes.

One of the worst aspects to having panic attacks is that you are constantly aware that another attack is just around the corner. Sometimes these attacks come in the form of loss of breath, chest pains, fear of dying, or numbness.

A person who experiences anxiety attacks may feel that their life is not worth living because of the daily frustrations and the never ending relentlessness of these attacks.

These anxiety attacks cause people to miss work, not communicate, and basically not function properly. It’s important for all members of society to understand what these sufferers are going through so that they can be more empathetic.

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How to Stop Panic Attacks Without Medication

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks Medication

Most doctors will prescribe (KW)medication for panic attacks and anxiety(KW). Some of these medicines have very harmful side effects and should really be avoided if possible. Medications to stop Panic Attacks sometimes make them worse.

However, if the patient is unaware that there are alternatives and that they can stop panic attacks without the need for medicine, they will continue to follow their doctor’s advice and use these medicines that can be harmful in the long term.

Therefore, how can a person who suffers from this terrible disease stop panic attacks without medication? This article will help you to realize that there are alternatives and that these alternatives will not produce any dangerous side effects. A person who suffers from panic attacks simply wants to live a normal life and be free from this terrible curse.

Panic Attacks Treatment Without Medication

The first method that we will discuss when considering eliminating harmful medicines for panic attacks is to use supplements. Recent studies have confirmed that magnesium is required in your body to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Stop Panic Attacks Without MedicationHarmful traumatic stress can intensify a person’s episodes of fear and anxiety. At least one study has shown that magnesium can help the patient remove the previous bad programming that anxiety attacks create.

Cortisol, which increases in response to perceived stress, depletes magnesium. There are other hormonal neurotransmitters that are also increased due to the fight-or-flight response caused by stress, and they also deplete magnesium.

Magnesium will help the brain’s response patterns to not be influenced by these harmful attacks. Therefore, the first thing that the person who suffers from anxiety attacks should do is have a blood test to see if they have a magnesium deficiency.

If it is discovered that you do have a magnesium deficiency you then can consider a natural magnesium supplement as an alternative to the medicine prescribed by your doctor. The study has shown that many who have suffered from these terrible attacks have had very good results from using magnesium.

Best Herbal Medication For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There are a number of other studies that have been undertaken that have demonstrated that chamomile, valerian root and St. John’s Wort have proven successful for reducing anxiety symptoms.

These herbs have proven effective for milder cases of anxiety and may not be helpful for those who suffer acute panic attacks. These herbs also are recommended as an aid to helping you to sleep because they have a sedative effect. Proper sleep is one of the keys for controlling anxiety.

People who suffer from anxiety attacks need to reevaluate their diet. It has been proven that certain foods that contain caffeine can trigger an anxiety attack. There may be specific foods that a person is allergic to and when these foods are eaten it can help to bring on an anxiety attack. To help you understand if there are any foods that you are allergic to, you will need to write a daily diary of the foods that you eat.

By writing this diary on a daily basis you will be able to discover whether any of your anxiety attacks occur after consuming specific foods. If you establish that there is a connection to a specific food then you can simply eliminate that food and see whether it helps to alleviate further attacks.

One of the most important things that you can do to eliminate future panic attacks is to exercise. This simple prevention cannot be underestimated as exercise has proven to help many patients who suffer from panic attacks.

Studies have proven that exercise on a regular basis does help as an anxiety treatment. Exercise reduces those harmful stress hormones that are in your body and produces happy, feel-good type of hormones that will prevent you from having an anxiety attack.

A simple exercise that will help you is to walk for 30 minutes each day as fast as you can. This will not only make you feel better but you will become a lot healthier than you were before.

One of the major causes of anxiety attacks is work. Stress from working too much or working at jobs that are not enjoyable can be a reason for developing anxiety attacks. Therefore, if you are in this type of a situation you need to make changes.

You may feel that it is impossible to change your employment situation or the amount of hours that you work, but it may need to be done. After all, is your job worth the added pressure and anxiety that it is producing week after week?

There are many breathing exercises and techniques that can also help you to reduce anxiety. If you utilize these beneficial breathing exercises you will likely find immediate relief. There are excellent breathing exercises located at various Internet sites. These breathing exercises can be done throughout the day at work, home, or at play.

It will be beneficial for you to understand your cognitive behavioral patterns. This will require that you learn how to do cognitive behavioral techniques. These beneficial techniques can be done in the privacy of your own home and they have proven to be very successful for the many sufferers of panic attacks.

Emotions are sometimes hard to understand but it is important that you analyze your emotions.


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